Thank you!

Glad to have you here in my Shootcamp. I have been a photographer as long as i can think, mostly as a passion, since 2008 it is also my Job. But still passion ? With this project, i want to bring a new standard to learning in the field of photography. More than 3.000 People already took this course in German, and as i am travelling around the world, we decided to also bring this course to you in english now.

Shootcamp is the online course i would have loved to have, when i started out in photography.

The course is currently in re-production, we are updating everything so you can start as soon as possible. I will keep you up to date and maybe will also come up with some questions along the way. And of course, for you as a Subscriber, we will have some nice surprises when we finally start ?

See you soon,
Christian Anderl